Chris Thomas

Product focused UX Designer


My experience as a customer, client and founder allows me to design with all perspectives in mind. I know ownership, teamwork, and accountability.

  • World of Ether

    Nov 2017 - Present

    Creative Director

    • Designed a blockchain video game that presold digital assets, resulting in $500k in sales within 48 hours.

    • Carefully crafted the branding, creating a stylesheet that was used as a guide by other designers throughout the game. Created multiple graphics, assets, and company logo.

    • Cultivated the culture for our audience via social media and discord chat, providing stellar customer service.

    • Provided art direction for character concepts and original soundtrack.

  • Nimbus Digital

    Jan 2012 - Feb 2018

    Lead UX Designer

    • Fostered client relations and business development of a web/app development firm, resulting in hundreds of thousands in revenue yearly.

    • Crafted feature specs for several high-quality mobile apps. Inspired designers and enforced protocols to maintain consistency.

    • Utilized design thinking to turn unorganized ideas into visually stunning yet functional products.

    • Sparked a 70% growth in user acquisition and a 50% rise in retention for an existing application by implementing changes in user experience.

    • Educated junior designers on the importance of following a User-centered Design process

  • AB/InBev

    May 2016 - Aug 2016


    • Created an award-winning MVP that resulted in seed funding and a strategic partnership.

    • Provided mentorship and consult on lean product design for senior AB/InBev employees and MBA students from Wharton, Kellogg, and Columbia University.

    • Presented ideas and solutions to AB/InBev executives and stakeholders.

  • Fan10

    Nov 2013 - Dec 2015

    Product Designer

    • Substantially increased adoption by studying the analytics of the audience and deploying user experience upgrades, resulting in over 150,000 downloads within the first three month.

    • Designed/developed a complex social network from inception through launch.

    • Deployed universally intuitive designs, involving multiple cultural and language backgrounds.

    • Led fundraising, by presenting to shareholders and providing striking promotional materials, resulting in $6.1 million company acquisition by América Móvil in 2015.

  • Bytemark

    Jan 2011 - Sep 2012

    Lead Designer

    • Created pitch decks and promotional materials resulting in secured RFPs and multi-million dollar contracts for Bytemark.

    • Communicate best practices for design and reasoning behind UX decisions to key stakeholders.


User Experience Design8 years
Branding7 years
Product Development6 years
Web Development6 years
Prototyping8 years

Some of my favorite.


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